Tana – Andasibe – Ankanin’ny Nofy – Tamatave – Mahambo – Soanieran’i Vongo – Sainte Marie.

This tour allowed you To see the Kings and Queens palace in Tana , to admire the beautiful landscape for the east of Madagascar. Enjoing the Pereyras reserve, National park of Andasibe, Ankanin’ny nofy Pangalana chanel, The capital of Bestimisaraka ethnic groups and Sainte Marie.

Day 1 : Arrival date

Today is your arrival day at the National airport of Ivato. You are free to arrive according to your flight schedule. Your Tour manager will be at the airport before your arrival and ready to welcome you with pleasure and after a few introduction, we bring your luggage to the private car and while the driver load your luggage , you can make your exchange if you need that. After that, we drive to your Hotel

If your arrival is in the morning, we can start to visit the lower city or down town in the afternoon.

Overnight in a Hotel

Day 2: Tana

gygTana is the capital, economic center, represented by the 18 ethnic groups of Madagascar. Tana is not only the step for the next point but has its touristic attractions such as the museum, the parks, the markets and the shops without forgetting to tell the daily life of Malagasy people. So one day is not enough to visit Tana but at least you will understand many things. Today, we plan to visit the Blue hill. The site is located 25 km north of the city. The hill is classified as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Here , you will know the story of some Kings and Queens Malagasy, many Malagasy customs…We plan also to visit the handicraft market, the central city, botanical and Zoo Parks of Tsimbazaza or Lemur’s park and finally the upper city with their sun set.

Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 3 : Tana – Andasibe

Today, we drive to Andasibe National park. This place is located at 136 km from the Capital. When we leave Tana, we feel the rural life in following the National Road 2.We start to see the magnificent landscape of the East Coast. On the road, One place that we shouldn’t miss is Peyrieras reserve. One place where we will find lemurs, butterflies, reptiles and chameleons and so on. After the visit of this small reserve we join our Hotel. We can make a night walk to see the smallest lemur of Madagascar(grey mouse lemur) and chameleons.

Overnight in a Hotel

Day 4: Andasibe

andasibe1Today, we plan to visit the national park of Mantadia. The park is known for its very varied orchids with hundred inventoried species that bloom in the forest. For its Indri Indri, the biggest lemurs in Madagascar and that can be observed the whole year and whose voice illustrates the nice mornings. The forests of Mantandia are the domains of epiphytes like orchids, foams, ferns. We find here also more than hundred species of birds, around 14 species of lemurs, around 51 species of Boa reptiles and 80 species of amphibians .After lunch, we have half day to visit the private reserve of Vakona Forest Lodge.

Overnight in a Hotel

Day 5:Andasibe – Ankanin’ny nofy.

After the breakfast, we drive to Manambato situated near of the lake Rasoamasay in passing to Brickaville where we will find the plantation of sugar cane. We have a transfer by speed boat to Ankanin’ny Nofy or the Nest of Dreams.

Overnight in a Hotel

Day 6: Ankanin’ny nofy

akaninny-nofyAnkanin’ny nofy offers us a perfect place for relaxation with its beautiful beaches, its interesting tours without forgotten the private natural reserve rich in plants and animals such as lemurs: The palmarium reserve.


Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 7: Ankanin’ny nofy – Tamatave

After breakfast, we continue by motorboat to Tamatave in following Pangalana channel. We enjoy the beautiful landscape. Our driver will meet us in the port of Tamatave to bring us to the Hotel.We have half day to see and visit the city.

Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 8: Tamatave – Mahambo

tamataveAs usual after breakfast, we drive to Mahambo with a few stop in Foulepointe. We continue our way in following the beaches.

Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 9: Mahambo – Sainte Marie.

We continue to Soanieran’Ivongo by car then transfer by Boat till the beautiful island of Sainte Marie situated in east of Madagascar and we will be there after 1 to 1 and half hour by boat.

Transfer and overnight in a Hotel.

Day 10 – 11: Sainte Marie

sainte-marieSainte Marie is well known as a best palace for relaxing in Madagascar. That is why we stay there for two days. Many kinds of activities are available for us such as the whales watching from July to October, snorkeling, diving, visit the city by VTT or motor…

Day 12: Sainte Marie – Antananarivo.

Transfer to the airport and flight to Tana. End of Services.