Tana – Antsirabe-Ambositra – Fianarantsoa-Manankara – Ranomafana- Ranohira – Tulear – Ifaty

Day 1 : Arrival date

Today is your arrival day at the National airport of Ivato. You are free to arrive according to your flight schedule. Your Tour manager will be at the airport before your arrival and ready to welcome you with pleasure and after a few introduction, we bring your luggage to the private car and while the driver load your luggage , you can make your exchange if you need that. After that, we drive to your Hotel.

If your arrival is in the morning, we can start to visit the lower city or down town in the afternoon.

Overnight in a Hotel

Day 2: Tana


Tana is the capital,economic center,represented by the 18 ethnic groups of Madagascar.Tana is not only the step for the next point but has its touristic attractions such as the museum, the parks,the markets and the shops without forgetting to tell the daily life of Malagasy people.So one day is not enough to visit Tana but at least you will understand many things. Today, we plan to visit the Blue hill. The site is located 25 km north of the city. The hill is classified as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.Here , you will know the story of some Kings and Queens Malagasy, many Malagasy customs…We plan also to visit the handicraft market,the central city, botanical and Zoo Parks of Tsimbazaza or Lemur’s park and finally the upper city with their sun set.

Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 3: Tana – Antsirabe.

Antsirabe is located at 170km from Tana. The way takes 3 to 3:30 hours of drive. This road is characterized by: interesting landscape, the rice field of the high land, the Rocky Mountains such as Iharanandriana, many tomb for the merina’s tribe. We plan to have lunch in Ambatolampy and before lunch we profit to visit the traditional factory for the aluminum pot. After lunch,we take the way to Antsirabe. Antsirabe means a lot of salt and well known as a town of Pousse Pousse .Once we arrive, we take place at the Hotel then after we can start to discover the center.

Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 4: Antsirabe.


Antsirabe is the second largest town in Madagascar. Today after breakfast, we plan to visit Antsirabe ‘s surrounding such as the lake Andraikiba located at 7 km from Antsirabe, the Blue lake or lake Tritriva wich is located at 18 km from Antsirabe.It’s a sacred lake. You will know the story of Romeo and Juliette Malagasy.After that we continue to Betafo to see the thermal , the water fall of Antafofo and the beautiful landscape indeed the rice field. Picnic lunch is needed. After that we return to Antsirabe and it’s time to visit the small factory such as the Horne of zebu, miniature, the silk, Antehimoro paper, precious and semi-precious stone…

Overnight in a Hotel

Day 5: Antsirabe – Ambositra

After breakfast, we drive to Ambositra which is located at 89 km from Antsirabe. After passing the beautiful landscape, we will be there after 1 and half to 2 hours of drive. Once we arrive, we leave our bags at our hotel then we continue our way to Antoetra to visit the Zafimaniry village. Zafimaniry is the name of first tribe living in dense eastern forest. Zafimaniry region is one place that you shouldn’t miss due to their fine and delicate woodworking has achieved worldwide acclaim. On November 3, 2003, this woodworking skill was proclaimed by the UNESCO as a master piece of human oral heritage. It’s not only that but they produce articles from raffia and other materials. We plan to have a picnic lunch and in the evening, we come back to Ambositra.

Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 6: Ambositra – Fianarantsoa


As usual, after breakfast, we start to visit the handicraft capital before going to Fianarantsoa. Fianarantsoa is the capital of the Betsileo ethnic group. We will be there after 3 to 4 hours of drive.After lunch, we have half day to visit the city which is divided in three parts( The old city, the middle city modern and the low city)

Overnight in a Hotel

Day 7: Fianarantsoa – Manankara

Early morning our breakfast because the train will leave Fianarantsoa at 7:00 in the morning. Then we leave Fianarantsoa to join Manankara which is the biggest city on the south- eastern coast and the ethnic group is the Antemoro. The railroad has dozen of stops before arriving in Manankara which is at a distance of 170km from Fianarantsoa. Thousand surprises await you along this lively route that winds between hills . In each stop, the villagers invite you to buy their specialties. The railroad takes for 8 to 10 hours so it is better to plan a picnic lunch. The car will wait us at the railways station to transfer us to our Hotel.

Overnight in a Hotel.



We have one day to explore the excursion by boat on Pangalana’s channel. After breakfast, we start our trip and the visit such as the visit of the plantation of vanilla, distillery of essential oils…We will have special lunch prepared by our guide. Back to Manankara in the afternoon.

Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 9: Manankara – Ranomafana

After breakfast departure to Ranomafana. We will go through a green landscape dotted with of the traveler’s trees (ravinala) after three hours we will arrive in Ranomafana. Have lunch and in the afternoon, visit of the village on foot: The thermal baths and the hot water pool, possibility for swimming. We are planning to make a nocturnal visit of the Park.

Overnight in a Hotel

Day 10: Ranomafana – Ranohira.


Ranomafana is classified world Natural Heritage of Antsinanana in 2007.It’s a full forest park (41 601ha). So before going to Ranohira and after the breakfast, we start to visit the park where we can find the rare and greatly endangered species of lemurs. There are many species of lemurs that we can find here, the birds and plants.

After the visit, we leave for Ambalavao. Ambalavao is well known as “the Southern Gateway”. The ethnic groups are the Betsileo and Bara and they work together to make “Antemoo paper and silk. We plan to have lunch here. If we pass here on Wednesday, we can visit the great zebu market hen we continue our way and we make one stop in Anja park for one hour of visit where we will find also many species of lemurs. After all those things, we drive to Ranohira

Overnight ina Hotel.

Day 11: Visit of national park of Isalo.

The park is an extraordinary ecosystem. An endemic rupicole vegetation made of aloes, Euphorbes. The flora of Isalo is exceptional. We will find here also many species of lemurs, the natural swimming pool. Back to Ranohira

Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 12: Ranohira – Tulear – Ifaty.


We drive to Ifaty in passing to the ARBORATUM of Antsokay which is a botanical garden where we will find more than 900 species of plants and the most of them are endemic in Madagascar. We plan to have lunch in Tulear and after that we drive to Ifaty.

Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 13: Ifaty

These resort villages are Approximately 30 km from Tulear. Besides being fishing, diving, and snorkeling. The villages boast beautiful flora and fauna. The forest is home of several rare bird species. Best place to see the humpback whales from July to October.

Overnight in a Hotel.

Day 14: Ifaty – Tulear – Airport.


After breakfast and according to your flight schedule, we will make the transfer. End of service.