Madagascar is located south of Equator and in the Indian Ocean. It is separated from the   southeast Africain coast by the Mozambic Channel of 400km in wide, 592 000km of surface and actually estimated at more than 22 000 000 inhabitants. The population is composed of 18 etnic groups but speak one language all over the country. Each etnic groups has their own lifestyle, customs, dialect and so on. Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar. The climate is featured by two seasons in general: dry and cool( May – October), hot and wet ( november – April).

Madagascar is special because , discribed as a living sactuary of nature. 80% of fauna species and 90% of flora are endemics . Lemurs, Chamaleons, rare Butterflies, birds and the enormous breathtaking marine life, differents baobabs trees, the carnivorous plant and several varieties of orchids, different kind of medicinal plants used by local and foreign pharmaceutical industries. Each region is caracterised by a type of vegetation like the savana, the rainforest, the bush,the dry forest and the mangrove.There are many spectaculars traditions practised through the country such as the Circumcision, Turning over the dead or exhumation, the worship of the ancestors, Fitampoha, Fandroana……


If you are interesting about what we have said above and the adventure, beautiful landscape, beaches, the unique fauna and flora, friendship of the people, Madagascar is your destination.

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Madagascar Magic Tours also is one Tour Operator responsible. We do many social actions for helping the poor people in our country side. In 2008, Madagascar Magic Tours opened one school for the children in Andoharena in Vakinankaratra region.Now, this school becomes a primary public school. Your choice to make a tour with us take part already that you too, you help them.

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